Transience by Laura Paige
artist’s statement:
"My collection of photographs, entitled ‘Transience’ reflects the shifting and varying nature of perspective. Around my home city there are many iconic pieces of architecture that personify Newcastle and give it its own distinct feel. These icons of Newcastle also make up part of each and every one of our individual perspectives of our home. A home can been seen by and mean so much to a particular individual, and yet be seen as something entirely different to another – the focus shifts, the memories change…

The effect is that of an impression of the actual subject. From a distance they are simply blurs, but once you look closely the form of the subject becomes clear, and you see the many different perspectives. If you focus on one layer, soon another will emerge. The nature of perspective is represented by the shifting images of the subjects. ”

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Posted on Thursday, 21 March
Tagged as: art   photography   double exposure   hsc   newcastle   body of work   architecture   impressionism  
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